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Department of Mathematics 

Most of the degree programs offered by different departments of the University have courses in Applied Mathematics Statistics  and Numerical Analysis as an integral part of their curricula. The Mathematics department has the responsibility of planning and teaching those courses.

Mathematics department started Master degree program in 1999. The department has been awarding degree in M.Sc Mathematics, with one of the following specializations, up to 2003.

  1. Pure Mathematics
  2. Applied Mathematics
  3. Computational Mathematics

To make our Master degree program compatible with other  engineering disciplines, degree in M.Sc Mathematics was converted to M.Sc Applied Mathematics in 2004. The scheme for the degree of M.Sc Computational Mathematics is also approved.

The department first time offered admission in M.Phil Mathematics in 1988. To make the degree compatible with the engineering disciplines the name of the degree was changed to M.Phil Applied Mathematics in 2004. There are about 60 students who have been awarded M.Phil Degree during the last twenty years. The research work of 10 more M.Phil students is almost complete. The department is also running Ph.D degree program since 1997. One scholar of the department has been awarded Ph.D degree in 2006. At present there are 7 Ph.D scholars registered in the department.

The M.Phil Applied Mathematics program is a full-time two year course on term basis.  During first two terms the students study eight theory courses and the 3rd and 4th terms are meant for research work.  The program for part-time students extends over a period of three years.